Advanced Learning Program

Executive Sponsors

The Advanced Learning Program (ALP) is a team based training program with an applied learning project component.

Each organization involved in the project requires an Executive Sponsor; a senior leader, at the vice president (or equivalent) level who signs off on the application, commits to supporting the project and helps remove potential barriers to success.

Teams meet with their Executive Sponsor(s) regularly (at least monthly) to update them on progress.

In order to support this senior leader role, IDEAS offers a tailored learning program for all Executive Sponsors, which includes:

  • Webinar: This one-hour webinar outlines the objectives of the ALP and the role and expectations of Executive Sponsors and program participants.
  • Workshop: This one-day workshop provides a day of learning and networking with other senior leaders supporting quality improvement.

What our Executive Sponsor Alumni Say

"I don't think it would've been possible for (the project team) to implement without somebody like me there to smooth the way and facilitate. Because it is actually a project that was going to be implemented within the unit that was going to be involving front-line staff or front-line staff doing something different and new." 

Executive Sponsor

"We just decided that we would build in measures to ensure that (the project) was sustainable. We didn't view this as being a one-time thing that we were going to do. Right from the outset, we talk about how we were going to make it sustainable."

Executive Sponsor

In Collaboration and Partnership with the following:

  • Health Quality Ontario
  • ICES
  • University of Toronto

Funding provided by the Government of Ontario Funding provided by the Government of Ontario