Advanced Learning Program

Upcoming Program Dates

Participants of the IDEAS Advanced Learning Program (ALP) attend five days of in-person learning sessions over a six-month period in combination with virtual e-Learning sessions. The in-person learning sessions include two two-day learning sessions and one presentation day. The time required to work on the applied learning project between in- person learning sessions is approximately 5-10 hours/week.

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Tuition Fees

IDEAS tuition fees are charged to offset the costs of delivering the Advanced Learning Program (ALP). Tuition fees are paid individually but can be paid by the organization for all participants in one submission. Fees are based on the size of the home organization's annual operating budget. Participants and/or their employers are responsible for transportation, accommodation, and meal costs.

In Collaboration and Partnership with the following:

  • Health Quality Ontario
  • ICES
  • University of Toronto

Funding provided by the Government of Ontario Funding provided by the Government of Ontario