Advanced Learning Program

Success Stories

A rich component of the Advanced Learning Program (ALP) is the team based applied learning project. Teams identify an issue and develop, implement and report on a quality improvement project in their own organization or local health system. Teams share their applied project and available results with fellow participants and healthcare leaders on the last in-person session day. Project executive sponsors and other colleagues from home organization(s) are invited to attend this final presentation day.

Here are six ALP Project Success Stories that highlight what can be accomplished if you join this program:

  1. CAMH Bridging Clinic Helps Reduce ED Readmissions for People Living with Mental Health and Addictions Issues
  2. IDEAS Team from William Osler Reduces Transfers from LTC to the ED by 56% and Spreads Solution Across Province
  3. Improving Access to Mental Health and Addicitions Treatment for Patients with Major Depression
  4. Long-Term Care Home Kipling Acres Uses IDEAS Project to Reduce Alternate Level of Care Days, Realizing Significant Savings and Improving Care
  5. St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Cuts 7- and 28-Day Readmission Rates in Half Following IDEAS Training—Saving Money and Improving Care
  6. The Right Transfer for the Right Need—Reducing Unplanned Transfers and Improving Continuity of Care

In Collaboration and Partnership with the following:

  • Health Quality Ontario
  • ICES
  • University of Toronto

Funding provided by the Government of Ontario Funding provided by the Government of Ontario