IDEAS (Improving & Driving Excellence Across Sectors) is a comprehensive, evidence based quality improvement training program for Ontario's health professionals. Participants become well versed in a common language and approach to quality improvement with the explicit aim to improve patient care, experience and outcomes.

Led by a high caliber faculty, IDEAS participants complete the program with the tools, practical skills and knowledge required to build capacity in quality improvement, change management and adaptive leadership across all healthcare sectors.

Successful completion in IDEAS will ultimately contribute to a more effective and efficient health system for everyone.

Our Mission

IDEAS contributes to a high performing health system by encouraging and educating healthcare professionals using evidence based knowledge, practical tools and leadership skills to support and lead quality improvement initiatives that provide patients across the province with sustainable high quality care.

Our Vision

All Ontario healthcare professionals are skilled, knowledgeable and respected for their relentless commitment to quality improvement. Through the learning and knowledge sharing of these committed healthcare professionals, Ontario is a high performing healthcare system with the capacity to provide all Ontarians with high quality care in a more sustainable way.

Our Partners

IDEAS is delivered through a collaborative partnership among:


Institute of Health Policy, Management &  Evaluation
University of Toronto
155 College Street, Suite 425
Toronto, ON M5T 3M6

Email: ideas@utoronto.ca 

In Collaboration and Partnership with the following:

  • Health Quality Ontario
  • ICES
  • University of Toronto

Funding provided by the Government of Ontario Funding provided by the Government of Ontario