Our Success

Since 2013, more than 3,300 healthcare clinicians and administrators have successfully graduated from IDEAS. Evaluation results show that participation in IDEAS has had an impact:

  • 80% of survey respondents said the IDEAS Advanced Learning Program (ALP) has enabled them to improve healthcare processes (e.g. clinical, organizational, health system);
  • 75% of survey respondents from the Foundations of Quality Improvement Program indicated that they have applied their learning to other QI projects since the program started;
  • More than a third (34.2%) of survey respondents indicated their project has transitioned into daily operation within the first year of starting the Advanced Learning Program (ALP).

As part of the Advanced Learning Program (ALP), teams apply their learning to an improvement project - the applied learning project. The applied learning project is a manageable and meaningful piece of a larger improvement effort, designed to allow participants to go through the full improvement cycle and be a catalyst for continuing improvement.

Many of the applied projects have been published, highlighting the potential impact of a learning project on a larger improvement effort:

  • BOOMR: Better Coordinated Cross-Sectoral Medication Reconciliation for Residential Care | View
  • Improving Emergency Department flow through optimized bed utilization| View
  • The POeT (Prevention of Error-Based Transfers Project) Project | View

With the help of our ICES partner, IDEAS has completed economic impact evaluations of two IDEAS projects. Each project has cost saving potential for the health system:

  • SJHC Patient-Centered Falls Prevention Program | View
  • Kipling Acres Project | View
  • London Health Sciences Centre Renal Program Body Access and Independent Dialysis Initiative | View

In Collaboration and Partnership with the following:

  • Health Quality Ontario
  • ICES
  • University of Toronto

Funding provided by the Government of Ontario Funding provided by the Government of Ontario